JPML Platform

Jpml is a xml based markup language executed on the Jpml platform or any Java runtime environment with Jpml runtime installed. Jpml is designed to provide an efficient approach of the Software Factories Intiatives, broadening the scope of the software initiative, enabling software developers to address more of the Software Factories methodology, while continuing to leverage the existing technologies to build and apply factories.

Jpml is also a software platform technology. Jpml platform is java based solution with set of flexible frameworks implemented to provide developers easy ways to add business logic to applicaitons, to write database methods, and to program complicated logic in the platform.

MEWIX Technology License Agreement for JPML
Thrid-Party Software and Licenses

Android libwebp library BSD 3-Clause
Apache AntApache 2.0
Apache Axis Apache 2.0
Apache Commons CLIApache 2.0
Apache Commons CodecApache 2.0
Apache Commons CollectionsApache 2.0
Apache Commons Compress Apache 2.0
Apache Commons DiscoveryApache 2.0
Apache Commons HTTPClient Apache 2.0
Apache Commons IO Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Lang Apache 2.0
Apache Commons LoggingApache 2.0
Apache Commons NetApache 2.0
Apache Commons Pool Apache 2.0
Apache Commons Text Apache 2.0
Apache IvyApache 2.0
Apache Lucene Apache 2.0
Apache Maven Artifact Resolver Transport File Apache 2.0
AssertJ Swing Apache 2.0
AssertJ fluent assertions Apache 2.0
Automaton BSD 2-Clause
Byte Buddy agentApache 2.0
ByteListMIT 1.0.15
CGLib Apache 2.0
Command Line Interface Parser for JavaApache 2.0
Common Annotations for the JavaTM Platform APIGPL 2.0
EditorConfig Java CoreApache 2.0
FlexmarkBSD 2-Clause
Google Drive API V3 Apache 2.0
GradleApache 2.0
Grazie AI Apache 2.0
GsonApache 2.0
Guava Apache 2.0
HttpComponents HttpClient Apache 2.0
ICU4J Unicode71.1
Ice4j Apache 2.0
Incremental DOM Apache 2.0
JAXB (JSR 222) Reference Implementation GPL 2.0
JAXB (Java Architecture for XML Binding) APIGPL 2.0
JSON Schema Apache 2.0
JSON Schema (schema.json) BSD 2-Clause
JSON Schema (schema06.json) BSD 2-Clause
JSON Schema (schema07.json) BSD 2-Clause
JSON Schema for Typings TypeScript definitions managerApache 2.0
JSON in JavaJSON License
JUnit Eclipse Public License 1.0
Java CompatibilityGPL 2.0
Java Simple Serial ConnectorLGPL 3.0
Java String SimilarityMIT2.0.0
JavaBeans Activation FrameworkGPL 2.0
Jaxen BSD 3-Clause
Language Tool LGPL 2.1
Language Tool (English) LGPL 2.1
Log4j Apache 2.0
MarkdownJ BSD 3-Clause
Maven Resolver Provider Apache 2.0
Objenesis Apache 2.0
OkHttpApache 2.0
OkioApache 2.0
Package Search API Models Apache 2.0
Plexus UtilsApache 2.0
Projector client common MITb420
PureJavaCommBSD 3-Clause
Rhino JavaScript Engine MPL 1.1
RobotoApache 2.0
SSHJApache 2.0 clientMIT1.0
TypeScriptApache 2.0
Unidecode MIT0.0.7
VelocityApache 2.0
W3C CSS Validation ServiceW3C2.2.6
XMLBeansApache 2.0
Xalan Apache 2.0
XercesApache 2.0
Xerial SQLite JDBCApache 2.0
XmlRPCApache 2.0
batik Apache 2.0
bigdataide: avro_avro Apache 2.0
bigdataide: moshi Apache 2.0
bigdataide: moshi-adaptersApache 2.0
bigdataide: moshi-kotlinApache 2.0
bigdataide: parquet_avroApache 2.0
bigdataide: parquet_commonApache 2.0
bigdataide: parquet_hadoopApache 2.0
bigdatatools: apache.hive.metastore Apache 2.0
bigdatatools: ch.qos.reload4j Apache 2.0
bigdatatools: hadoop-client Apache 2.0
com.opencsv:opencsv:5.1 Apache 2.0
docker-java-api Apache 2.0
docker-java-coreApache 2.0
docker-java-transport Apache 2.0
docker-java-transport-httpclient5 Apache 2.0
error-prone-annotations Apache 2.0
github.jnr.constantsApache 2.0
github.jnr.ffiApache 2.0
htmlparser2 MITcustom revision
javaslang Apache 2.0
org.apache.avro:avro:1.9.2Apache 2.0
org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-aws:3.2.0Apache 2.0
org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-distcp:3.2.1 Apache 2.0
package.json JSON SchemaApache 2.0
protobuf-java-utilBSD 3-Clause
rd Swing integrationApache 2.0
rd core Apache 2.0
rd frameworkApache 2.0
rd text buffers Apache 2.0
swingxLGPL 2.1
unit-apiBSD 3-Clause